using the internet effectively

Southern Regional ETTC, Stockton College
May 10, 2004

This workshop exposes teachers to “unique and compelling” Internet applications, which can create a dynamic and interactive teaching and learning environment through use of authentic, real time, real-world data resources and through global telecollaboration with other classrooms around the world.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore a variety of classroom projects that can be adapted for their own use. They will also understand the research and program evaluation that underlies the improved student outcomes resulting from use of these novel curriculum applications. 

CIESE curriculum materials:

  • promote the integration of science, mathematics, technology, and other core subjects
  • are explicitly linked to state and national content standards
  • are multi-disciplinary, focusing on science topics that require quantitative analysis; critical thinking; collaboration, and other 21st century workforce skills

Unique and Compelling Internet Applications
Savvy Cyber Teacher®
curriculum projects emphasize use of the Internet for “unique” (cannot be accomplished without the Internet) and “compelling” (educationally-sound, real-world learning) applications. More specifically, “unique and compelling” projects are those that involve:

  1. Communication
  2. Real-Time Data
  3. Web Publishing
  4. Primary Sources

The Savvy Cyber Teacher® Professional Development program
The Savvy Cyber Teacher® is a thirty-hour teacher professional development program aimed at helping teachers utilize unique and compelling Internet-based resources to improve student learning in science, mathematics and other disciplines.


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