Leaders Weather & Climate (grades 6-8) 10 Oct


Weather and Climate


October 10, 2013


1.       Welcome back

2.       Discussion: How are things going? What activities have you implemented?

3.       EDP Activity (IDEO Video and Convenient Carrier)

4.       Water Quality Testing Station Rotation using LaMotte Water Quality Testing Kit

5.       Discussion: What we tested and why?  Handouts: Water Quality Testing Information and Hudson River Water Quality Study

6.   Lunch

7.   Water Filtration: Flow Rate Challenge (Design and build water filters for various flow rates using given materials.  Keep and engineering notebook to record designs and iterations).

8.      Discussion: Using Water Filtration in the classroom

9.      Handout: Water Testing and Filtration Implementation (Two-week plan)

10.   Discussion: PISA2 Site Visits