Fall 2007 Reports and Photos
St. Jude School : Final Report Collège Antonin Perbosc, Lafrançaise , France
St. Jude School

Our school is located in a suburb of Montreal, Canada, at 45:29N (latitude) and 73:29W (longitude). We are 28 students in grade 5(class5IA). Our teacher, Mrs. Mirza introduced this project to us in September. She explained to us how Eratosthenes performed a simple experiment 2200 years ago to measure the circumference of the Earth. His calculation is still considered accurate today by scientists.

We went on the Noonday website and did some research. At first, the whole idea appeared quite complicated to us. Most of us had trouble understanding some ideas and how they were going to help us determine the circumference of the Earth. But as we got more involved, the process started to become clear.

We carried out the shadow measurements on September 21 st 2007, which was as close as we could get to the Autumn Equinox (September 23 rd). The shadow measurements (99cm) at high local noon time (12:48pm) helped us determine our sun angle which was 44 degrees.

The next step was to choose a partner city whose sun angle could help us find the central angle. We decided to select Abba’s Orchard in Philippines, as it is far away. Their sun angle was 8.4 degrees. The difference between the two became our central angle, that is, 35.6 degrees.

Now Mrs. Mirza showed us how the central angle could be compared to a slice in a big circle. We could then understand that the arc of the central angle represented the distance between the two cities. Once we knew the North/South distance between us and Abba’s Orchard, by subtracting the 2 latitudes, we could then multiply the arc’s length with the number of slices in a circle. These are some of our calculations:

No. of slices= 360°divided by 35.6 degrees


N/S distance= 4 116.25 km

Circumference of the Earth = 4116.25x 10.1 = 41, 574.12 km

 Conclusions : We learned a great deal from this project. We now know how knowledge of angles helps us in real life, how the circumference is calculated and much more. Before doing this project we didn’t know a lot about latitude and longitude and what these lines help us find on the globe.

All of us are very proud of our learning. We can see how Math, Science and Technology work together in any scientific study.

Students of Class 5IA

Collège Antonin Perbosc, Lafrançaise , France
6 classes and 150 students have participated to the project.
We were lucky to have sun for all the measurements that we planned, except on the day of the equinox (23/09/2007). All the classes could calculate the circumference with a real partner. We never had those conditions on the European project. We apologize for not being able to publish all the results. We selected schools that had a photography.The other measures have been used for the final written test .

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september 17
Lafrançaise, France

shadow: 90cm

Stanford, Kentucky USA, Home school

latitude: 37.533°
shadow: 72cm

distance: 733km circumference: 42221km

september 19
Lafrançaise, France

shadow: 92cm

New York, USA, The Dwight School

latitude: 40.470°
shadow: 82cm

distance: 372km circumference: 42291km

september 20
Lafrançaise, France

shadow: 93cm

Wharton, New Jersey USA, MacKinnon Middle School

latitude: 40.800°
shadow: 84cm

distance: 370km circumference: 44400km

september 21
Lafrançaise, France

shadow: 94.5cm

Yuba City, California, USA, Riverbend Middle School

latitude: 39.090°
shadow: 78.45cm

distance: 559km circumference: 38454km

Adélaïde, Australia, Hamilton Secondary college

latitude: -34.900°
shadow: 70cm

distance: 8791km circumference: 40401km

Warren, Oregon, USA, Warren Elementary School

latitude: 45.810°
shadow: 91.5cm

distance: 187km circumference: 38106km

Chillicothe, Ohio , USA, Unioto High School

shadow: 79.1cm
angle: 38.344°

distance: 530km circumference: 38288km

september 24
Lafrançaise, France

shadow: 98.5cm

Baungon, Philippines: The Abba’s Orchard

latitude: 8.417°
shadow: 15.25cm
angle: 8.667°

distance: 3968km circumference: 39865km

Arras, France, école Lafontaine

latitude: 50.283°
shadow: 123cm
angle: 51,000°

distance: 683km circumference: 37828km

Maricopa, Arizona, USA, Wells Middle School

shadow: 64cm
angle: 34.000°

distance: 1231km circumference:42206km

Gulf Breeze, Florida USA, Oriole Beach Elementary

shadow: 56cm
angle: 30.000°

distance: 1529km circumference: 37961km

Virginia Beach, USA, Princess Anne Middle School

shadow: cm
angle: 37.183°

distance: 820km circumference: 40346km

september 25
Lafrançaise, France

shadow: 100cm

New York, Brooklyn, USA ,Brooklyn Friends School

shadow: 86cm
angle: 42°

distance: 413km circumference: 49560km

Wrocław, Poland, Liceum Ogólnokształcące

latitude: 51.110°
shadow: 118.5cm (gnomon : 102cm)
angle: 49.333°

distance: 776km circumference: 64468km

september 26
Lafrançaise, France

shadow: 100cm

Placerville, California, USA, Herbert Green Middle School

shadow: 85.9cm
angle: 40°

distance: 604km circumference: 43488km

september 28
Lafrançaise, France

shadow: 104.5cm

Naples, Florida, USA, Pelican Marsh Elementary

shadow: 62.5cm

distance: 2004km circumference: 64128km

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