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Ihor Charischak
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The Dynamic Classroom: Teaching Math with Technology
  Tuesday, October 11, 2005|NJAET Conference

The purpose of today's session is to help you better understand how the software-based actitvities can effectively be used in teaching and learning powerful ideas from mathematics.


Road Sign & the Bus Problem

What's the problem with Word problems?


Fraction Darts
The object of the Fraction Darts challenge is to "pop" balloons located on a number line between 0 and 1. The darts are "thrown" by entering a number in fractional form.  Here is a glimpse of a game in progress. Two darts (5/8 and 3/4) have been thrown so far. Notice that 3/4 is too big and 5/8 is too small. What is your next throw?

Also try Decimal Darts

3 Learning Mathematics Dynamically with Geometer's Sketchpad

What can Spinwheels teach you about Geometry?

4 The Famous Jinx Puzzle

Pick a number,  Add 11, multiply by 6, subtract 3, divide by 3, Add 5, Divide by 2, Subtract the original number. Why is this called the Jinx puzzle?


The Pizza Server Challenge

Order some pies and see if you can figure out what the prices are for different sizes of pizza and number of toppings. (Check out the toppings.) In other words, what does their menu look like?

6 The Great Green Globs Contest

What is the highest score you can get for this array of Globs?