Buying at Best Buy

Mrs. Mangioi needs to buy some items from Best Buy. She does not know how much these items cost. She needs you to go onto the Best Buy website at and find the prices.

Mrs. Mongioi also has coupons fro these items but she needs you to figure out how much the items will cost after the discount and with 6% sales tax.

Could you please put all of this information for Mrs. Mongioi on an Excel spreadsheet so she can shop for these items with ease.

The items she needs are:

  • Digital Camera
  • Televison
  • DVD player
  • Telephone
  • Printer
  • Cellular Phone
  • Telescope
  • Home Theater System
  • Xbox Videeo Game System
  • MP3 player

These are the coupons she has:
  • 25% off a Digital Camera
  • 30% off aTelevison
  • 10% off a DVD player
  • 40% off a Telephone
  • 15% off a Printer
  • 12% off a Cellular Phone
  • 26% off a Telescope
  • 5% off a Home Theater System
  • 10% off a Xbox Videeo Game System
  • 35% off a MP3 player