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Sample Curricula

Engineering is Elementary, a modular engineering curriculum developed by the Museum of Science, Boston’s National Center for Technological Literacy for students in Grades 3-5. Each EiE module integrates an elementary-level science topic with a specific field of engineering and introduces students to the engineering design process. EiE is standards-based, research-based, and aligns with many national science curricula, including FOSS, STC, GEMS, and Insights.

Building Math is an innovative modular curriculum developed by the Museum of Science, Boston and Tufts University for grades 6-8 mathematics studies that integrates math concepts, algebraic reasoning and engineering through an engineering design challenge in a realistic story context. 

Engineering The Future: Designing the World of the 21st Century, also developed by the Museum of Science Boston’s National Center for Technological Literacy, is a full-year engineering and technology education course suitable for Grade 9-12 students. The course provides a strong foundation in physics and prepares students to explore the social, historical, and environmental contexts of emerging technologies. Through four projects, students learn about engineering design; manufacturing; communication and energy systems (fluid, thermal, and electrical). The course is not intended only for students pursuing engineering or technical disciplines.

 Design Squad Unleash students' ingenuity and get them thinking like engineers with a Design Squad Challenge developed in conjunction with the PBS television series, Design Squad. Viewers of the television show see Design Squad student teams take raw materials and, with very little adult intervention, transform them into workable solutions. As a resource for educators, PBS developed the Design Squad Educator's Guide. The guide has four units, divided into 10 engaging, hands-on challenges that emphasize teamwork and creative problem solving.

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Modular, Online Engineering Curricula:

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