A CIESE Realtime Data Project

 Activity 3: Track Weather like a Meteorologist

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You will record weather over a period of two weeks (minimum) using the weather instruments and the Internet for your city as well as two other cities. These measurements should not take longer than 5-10 minutes each day so you will be able to complete the Factors that affect Climatological Temperature activities while you are gathering and recording the daily weather data.


Part 1: Locate and Answer

  1. Locate the following two cities on a world map.
    • New York, NY, USA (41 N 74 W)
    • Sao Paulo, Brazil (24 S, 47 W)
  2. Based on its location on the map, what do you think the temperature will be like in New York? Why?
  3. Based on its location on the map, what do you think the temperature will be like in Sao Paulo? Why?

Part 2: Prepare your Weather Learning Log
Format approximately 3 pages in your Weather Learning Log (one page per city) to record the following current weather conditions for the next 2 weeks. Each page should be numbered from 1- 14 (one line for each day).

  Date High Temp.*
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
 (N, S, etc.)
Air Pressure
Sky Conditions
(clear, partly cloudy, etc.)

* Important: Since these are real time weather readings, remember the time of day in the regions may be quite different. Therefore, compare the high temperature readings for today's forecast.

Part 3: Track Weather like a Meteorologist
Each day over a two-week-period (minimum), record the following weather measurements and add them to your Weather Learning Log. If you are using a wall chart, add them there as well.

  1. Weather at your school
    Use your class weather instruments and the weather web site below to record your measurements in the table marked "Data from My Town".
  2. Weather from New York, NY, USA and Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Record the current weather conditions from the cities below in your Weather Learning Log (click the Refresh / Reload button on your browser to update the following Real-Time data feeds):
  3. Repeat for Two Weeks
    Record the current conditions for your city, New York City, and Sao Paulo every day for a two week period. If you are unable to record the data for one day or over the weekend, use the "Historical" data to complete the data tables.

EXTENSION - Satellite Maps & Web cams:
Print a satellite map and live photo of the two regions you are studying every day and at the end of the two weeks, make a poster displaying all of the images in series.

  • Satellite Maps: access and print a satellite map where your country/continent is located each day. After you record each day's measurements, try to predict the next day's sky conditions based on the maps.