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Reference Links

Water Resources
USGS Water Science for Schools *Great Resource for general information about fresh water quality and use*
USGS Water Resources
How Stream Flow is Measured
EPA Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water
Surf Your Watershed
Safe Drinking Water Information
The SOS Macroinvertebrate Key
Pond Life Identification Kit

Citizen Scientists
World Water Monitoring Day

GLOBE Project
EPA Volunteer Monitoring

Environmental Testing Kit Info
LaMotte Environmental Science Education Products
Chemetrics Water Testing Kits
PASCO scientific

Directories for Environmental Resources
World Resources Institute -- Info and links for many environmental science topics
EnviroLink -- On-line environmental resources
Environmental Protection Agency

Unit Conversion Calculators
Unit Conversion Calculator

Need Help Finding Your Latitude and Longitude?
How Far is It? Enter place name in "From" section. Will give latitude and longitude for most world wide locations
Geographic Name Server Mostly U.S. cities but some foreign cities
GEOnet name server for some foreign cities (under "Access GEOnet").

New Jersey Resource Guide
USGS Water Resources for NJ
NJ Department of Environmental Protection