A CIESE Realtime Data Project


Air Speed: the speed of the plane in the air

Altitude: flying height of a plane above sea level

Compass Rose: see diagram

Distance: the separation between two points, a scalar quantity

Displacement: change in position, a vector quantity

Force: agent that results in accelerating or deforming an object

Frame of reference: coordinate system used to define motion

Ground Speed: the resultant vector speed combining air speed and wind speed

Position: separation between an object and its reference point

Reference point: zero location in a coordinate system

Resultant: a vector representing the sum of two or more vectors

Scalar: quantity, like distance that has only magnitude

Speed: ratio of distance traveled to time interval

Vector: quantity having both magnitude and direction

Velocity: ratio of change of position to time interval over which change takes place

Wind barbs: graphical representations of both the direction and speed of wind