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Student Activities

Survival Zone

Why is the Intertidal Zone such a dangerous place to live?


1.  Determine the Water Level Tidal Predictions for Portland, ME for the next month.

Does this area experience semi-diurnal, diurnal, or mixed tides?

2.  Determine the current status of the area.  Portland, ME

Is there evidence of major deviations in predicted and actual water levels for Portland?

3.  Obtain the Weather for Portland, ME.

Will there be any extreme weather for Portland in the upcoming week?

Would the Intertidal area be subjected to freezing weather in the upcoming week?

4.  Read all of the information on the various organisms.  Determine if they would survive in the Intertidal Zone and if so, in which part, the Lower, Middle or Upper portion.  Explain your reasoning.

Sea Star
Sea Lettuce
Red Mangrove

5. Which of the organisms would be considered edible for humans?