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Student Activities

Beach Replenishment Mock Hearing

Public Announcement
Next week a public hearing will be held, with equal time given to all parties with a vested interest, in the Proposed Beach Nourishment (Replenishment) Project. Organized groups expected to be represented will be 1) Local Homeowners, 2) Local Business Owners, 3) Environmental Activists, 4) USGS and Army Corps of Engineers representatives, 5) Local, County, State and Federal Government Officials, 6) FEMA representatives.

All arguments/testimonies will be given before all parties involved, a judge, and a jury representative of the local population. A decision handed down by the judge (teacher) and jury will stand as the final ruling and this decision will be awarded to the most persuasive argument presented by any of the involved parties.

Interested Parties/Stakeholders

Local Homeowners

  • Homes at risk
  • Who will pay for new home, relocation, etc.?
  • Will everyone receive equal payment? Hold-outs get more?

Local Business Owners

  • Will businesses survive?
  • Tourism
  • Government subsidy?

Environmental Activists

  • Interrupt natural process
  • Re-suspend contaminated sediments
  • Disrupt local ecosystems

USGS and Army Corps of Engineers

  • Amount of sand to be moved to complete project
  • Building of new structures to stabilize new sand base
  • Calculates/Estimated time new beaches will survive

Local, County, State and Federal Government Officials

  • Homeowner, Business Owner and Environmental concerns
  • $ from Tourism
  • Fed. Governmental aide v. Local $ needs

FEMA Representatives

  • Estimated values of area homes and businesses
  • Storm History and Local Flood Zones

1. Form interest groups for the hearing. Students will research the information and represent the interests of the respective groups.

2. Students will be graded as a group upon the research completed and the thorough development and delivery (including persuasiveness) of the group's argument. All arguments will be evaluated with the same criteria by the members of the "jury" and by the judge.

3. The second portion of the grade for this project will be based on a position paper. Each student will be responsible for completing a 2 page paper that states your position as a member of your interest group. For example, if you are a part of the environmentalists group, you will create a fictional character that will incorporate all of your research and will reflect your opinions on the beach replenishment project. This paper will provide an outlet to present your research and fully develop your argument.

4. The following sites might be helpful with research: