A CIESE Realtime Data Project

Student Activities

Social Studies Activity Researching your Port-of-Call


In Stowaway Adventure Lesson #3 , you determined the port-of-call where your ship
will dock. It turns out that your parents cannot pick you up for several days; then they plan to stay for a week and tour the country with you. You have that time to learn more about  your port city and the country itself. Plan a trip for you and your parents, using your laptop to do the research.  You can learn more about current events and local customs by completing the extension activity.


Make a travel itinerary for a one week trip around country where your port is located. Include as much information about the port city as you can by clicking on the link to your port-of-call from the from the World Seaports or Cargo Ports Links web sites. Then use the web sites below to research the country in which the port is located.  List ten places that you would like to visit. Give a brief description of each and tell why you chose it. Happy traveling!

Extension Activity

Your social studies teacher hasn't heard from you since you left. Send him or her an email message that you hope will count as an assignment. Include the following:

Read a local newspaper online and write a summary of the top story of the day.

Use the sites below find out the date the next major holiday in the country you're visiting. Write a paragraph about how will it will be celebrated.