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LESSON #5: Are we there yet?
Teacher's Guide for Lesson #5

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Objective: In this lesson you will determine how far away you are from port and when you will arrive.



Part One: Determine how many miles (or kilometers) are left in your voyage 

  1. Take out Handout #5 (click on link above to print a copy of the handout if needed).
  2. Follow the link  to the " Distance Calculator ".
  3. On the " To" line enter the name ship's destination city (port-of-call), follow the instructions given to you by your teacher on how to enter in this information.
  4. On the "From" line enter the ship's current position using the same format as before.
  5. Click on the button labeled "Look it up!"
  6. Record the distance between the ship's current location and its destination (port-of-call) on Handout #5 .

Part Two: Calculate arrival time 

  1. Take out Handout #5.
  2. Work with your teacher and classmates to figure out how to determine the amount of time it will take to reach port.
  3. Record your answer AND how you solved the problem on Handout #5.

Part Three (optional): Continue tracking your ship 

  1. If you want to see if your calculations were correct you can continue to track the ship to see if it does indeed go to the port you predicted and arrive when you thought it would.  To do this simply return to Lesson #2 and use the Ship Observation Table to continue to collect position data for your ship. 
  2. You should check the Ship Observation Table at least once every 48 hours for new data.  Then plot this data your map or use the Distance Calculator site. 
  3. Continue to track your ship until it reaches land. Where your predictions correct? If not, how far off were you?