A CIESE Realtime Data Project

Realtime Lesson#2

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LESSON #2: Where on earth are you?
Teacher's Guide for Lesson #2

Objective : To find out where your ship is located and where it was has been over the past several hours. 

Lesson Link:

  • Sailwx.info  Ship tracker - cruise ships and ocean liners 


Materials :

Part One: Locating your ship

  1. Take out Handout #2 (click on the link above to print out a copy of the handout if needed)
  2. Get the name of the ship and the ship map you should be using from your teacher and record it on Handout #2.
  3. Follow the link to the Sailwx.info  and see if you can locate your ship.  Stay on the Ocean Ship Map page and go on to Part Two.

Part Two: Accessing data from your ship

  1. Take out Handout #2
  2. Go to the Ocean Ship map and click on your ship. You wil now see a map with a closer view of the lcoation of your ship which shows the longitude and latitude. Mark the position of your ship on the paper desk-sized map that your teacher has given you.
  3. Scroll down on the table below the map and find the name of your ship.  Click on it.  You will see another table listing the position of your ship for the last week or more.
  4. Follow the instructions on the handout and record the necessary data.