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Lesson #1 Book List

Survival Themes

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Julie of the Wolves . Jean Craighead George. An Eskimo girl runs away and lives with the wolves on the Alaskan tundra.

My Side of the Mountain . Jean Craighead George. Sam Gribley runs away to the Catskill Mountains where he builds a tree house and learns to live entirely by his own resources with only a falcon and a weasel for companions.

Far North . Will Hobbs. After an airplane crash, two fifteen year old boys are stranded in Canada's Northwest Territories. This is a fast-paced winter survival tale.

Climb or Die . Edward Meyers. When their parents are badly injured in a car accident during a blizzard in the Colorado mountains, fourteen-year-old Danielle and her younger brother, Jake must climb a mountain to get help.

Death Walk . Water Morey. Seventeen-year -old Joel Rogers stows away aboard a friend's plane flying to the Alaskan frontier and suddenly finds himself stranded in the wilderness and on the run from two murderers.

The Black Pearl . Scott O'Dell. In the tradition of Robinson Crusoe a survival story with16 year old, Ramon, as the main character.

Island of Blue Dolphins . Scott O'Dell.( Newbery Medal Book). Set in the early 1800's this classic survival story tells the story of a 12 year old Indian girl who is accidentally left behind on an island when her tribe relocates.

The Haymeadow . Gary Paulsen. Fourteen-year-old John spends three months alone tending sheep in the mountains of Wyoming with only his horse and dogs for company. He faces floods, coyotes, and bears.

Hatchet . Gary Paulsen. Thirteen-year-old Brian , the sole survivor of a plane crash, must survive in the Canadian wilderness with only the clothes he has on and a hatchet.

The Iceberg Hermit . Arthur Roth. Shipwrecked in 1757 on an iceberg in the Arctic seas with only an orphaned polar cub for companionship, seventeen-year-old Allan must struggle for survival.

Winter Thunder . Mari Sandoz. When a school bus overturns in a blinding blizzard, a young teacher and her pupils are stranded miles from anywhere for eight days.

Call It Courage . Armstrong Sperry. Mafatu proves his bravery by setting out to sea in a canoe with only his albatross for company.

The Cay . Theodore Taylor. Blinded by a blow to the head when Germans torpedo his ship in 1942, eleven-year-old year old Philip finds himself stranded on a desert isle with an old West Indian sailor and a cat.