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We actively encourage students who have used this project to publish their work online. Students or classes using this project are welcome to submit stories, photos, and other project-related work. Please read CIESE's Photo Submission Instructions.

CIESE Policy on Publishing Student Work

The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education (CIESE) at Stevens Institute of Technology believes that there is significant educational value in allowing students to publish their work to the Web. It is both a powerful student motivator as well as an authentic assessment tool for teachers. As with many educational resources, there are also inappropriate uses that are not appropriate for students or that can endanger them. For this reason, we take the issue of Internet safety very seriously and feel that there is a need for strict guidelines with regards to publishing student work online.

Although it is important that the decision as to what policy to follow be determined on the state and local level, CIESE has several strict internal guidelines that we will follow regardless of state or local policies, these are:
  • We will not publish student last names on the Web.

  • We will not publish student personal information, such as mailing addresses, e-mail or telephone numbers.

  • We will not publish logistical information, such as where or when a school group will be meeting.

  • We will only publish student work that meets state and local policy guidelines.

Most local school districts have a policy, often called Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), which specifies appropriate use of the Internet by students. Some states have also passed laws addressing this issue. We will assume that by registering for this project that you are aware of your district's AUP and will adhere to it.

Additional resources on Internet safety issues can be found at: