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This project will take approximately five weeks to complete. In order to maintain effective collaboration among all participants and to keep on schedule for project completion, please try to adhere to the due dates given below for specific project deliverables.

A detailed timeline for each of the lessons should be created by the teacher or designated project manager that matches the project deliverables as shown below. Please see this timeline as an example.

Time Frame
Project Deliverable
Due Date
Prior to Project Start

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  Project Kick-off!  

Week 1


Lesson 1: Submit a class Letter of Introduction to Collaboration Central.


Week 2

Lesson 3: Post class-generated list of system requirements to Collaboration Central or provide comments on existing draft. Review and comment on the postings by other classes.


Week 3

Lesson 4: Post one class-approved preliminary system design to Collaboration Central. Review all of the designs submitted by participating schools, provide comments, and vote on the one design to go forward with for all schools


Week 4

Lesson 5:

Design Team shares 3D models and 3-view drawings in Collaboration Central for review by Design Team members in other classes. Incorporate comments into final model and drawings.

Prototype teams from all classes should share questions, problems, solutions, test results, recommendations and picture of final working prototype in Collaboration Central.

Manufacturing teams from all classes should share questions, problems, solutions, test results, and recommendationsin Collaboration Central.


Week 5 Lesson 6: Submit a final posting to Collaboration Central that describes the successes and/or challenges you had in producing the final home lighting system and/or literature. Provide suggestions for re-design.


  Project Concludes