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Lesson Plans

Below are the core lessons for Home Lighting in Developing Countries Project. For each lesson, there is a link to the lesson itself and another link to the lesson plan for that particular lesson.

IMPORTANT: Please note that each actual lesson is contained in the Student Area, which is kept separate from the main project site and has a slightly different menu. To get back to the main site, simply use the "Back" button on your browser.
  1. Introduction
  2. Investigation and Research
  3. System Requirements
  4. Preliminary System Design
  5. System Development
  6. Production of Home Lighting System

Note: As explained in Lesson 1, students in all classes will be broken into three project-wide teams; a Design Team, Prototyping Team, and Manufacturing Team. Optionally, students in each team can be assigned specific roles in those team. A detailed timeline for each of the lessons and team's responsibilities should be created by the teacher or designated project manager that matches the project deliverables as shown in the project schedule. Please see sample role assignments, sample timeline and sample student documentation.