A CIESE Collaborative Project

Photo Instructions

If you have any digital pictures of your class conducting their experiment or any other relevant pictures, you are welcome to send them to the project leader and they will be posted on the project web site. However, all pictures must be in a GIF or JPG format and should be sent as attachments to an email. If you have photos posted to your own web site, let the project leader know the URL and a link will be made to your site. Only digital photos will be accepted for publication; paper photos will not be accepted.

Make sure that you review the CIESE Publishing Policy before submitting photos for publication. We recommend photos of a class as a whole or photos where students have their faces partially turned from the camera. We will refer to pictures by school name only.

Need help getting your pictures in electronic format? Try these ideas:

  • Almost all film developers nowadays will give you the option of having your regular film developed onto a CD-ROM or disk. When you go to the store to drop your film off just ask the store clerk what you need to do to have your pictures placed onto a CD-ROM or disk. You can then send the files as attachment to email.
  • If you want to go one step further you can have your pictures developed directly to the web.
  • You can scan your regular print pictures using a scanner. This will allow you to create electronic files from already existing pictures.
  • You can purchase a digital camera which will allow you to take pictures in electronic or digital format.