A CIESE Collaborative Project

Project Overview


(Please see the schedule below for specific deadlines)

  1. Read the Requirements below if you have not already done so.
  2. If you decide to participate, you must first Register one or more classes.
  3. Review the Purpose of the Project below and develop a hypothesis for the experiment.
  4. Submit a Letter of Introduction from your school to the project Discussion area. You can also submit photos of your class to the project leader. These photos will be posted on the project web site in the Student Gallery.
  5. Do the Boiling Point Experiment.
  6. Submit your data to the project web site after you have completed the experiment.
  7. Analyze the data reported by all participants. Was your hypothesis correct?
  8. Submit a Final Report, Conclusions, or "Lessons Learned" by students to the Discussion area.


Students anywhere and any age are welcome to participate in this project, which runs for the whole school year. There is no fee. To join us, simply register and submit all of the following:

  1. A letter of introduction from your school
  2. All of the data required for project
  3. A final report, which consists of conclusions, or "lessons learned" by students

Please do not participate unless you are committed to submitting all of the above information. During the project you'll be able to contribute to a discussion area with the other schools in the project. You'll be able to discuss your students' hypotheses and weigh them against the results as they come in. You can also, optionally, submit photos of your class doing the experiment to be posted on the web site. Classes that submit a final report will receive a certificate of completion for the project.

Purpose of the Project

In this experiment, students will boil distilled water and record the following information:

  • temperature at which the water boils (boiling point)
  • room temperature
  • volume of water
  • elevation
  • heating device

The purpose of this project is to determine which factor in the experiment (room temperature, volume of water, elevation, or heating device) has the greatest influence on boiling point. Students will analyze all of the data submitted by participants to determine this.  

Develop a hypothesis for the experiment. Which factor do you think will have the greatest influence on boiling point? Why?


9/29/14 Project starts and registration opens! Please scroll to bottom of this page to find registration link. The data submittal form is active, and the Discussion Area is available after you register.
9/29/14 - 6/19/15 Run the project:
  • Submit a letter of introduction from your class to the Discussion Area.
  • Do the boiling point experiment and submit your data.
  • Keep checking the Project Data area to watch other schools add their data. Once a good amount of data has been submitted and checked over, download, graph, and analyze it.
  • Submit a Final Report to the Discussion Area. Selected reports will be published in the Student Area of the website by the project leader.
  • Letters and data may be submitted at any time during this period.
6/19/15 Deadline for submitting data. Data submittal form will be unlinked at the end of the day, according to EST.
6/26/15 Deadline for submitting class final reports. Discussion Area will be unlinked at the end of the day, according to EST. Project is over!