The Jinx Puzzle
ACTIVITY: The Jinx Puzzle

Directions: Here is a puzzle that will always jinx you. See if you can figure out why. Follow these steps:
  Pick a number ______
  add 11______
  multiply by 6 ______
  subtract 3 ______
  divide by 3 ______
  add 5 ______
  divide by 2 ______
  Subtract the original number ______
Everyone try a number and let’s see what we get as a class!
Why is it called the Jinx Puzzle?
Do you think it will always work? Why do you think that?
What about weird numbers? Do they work?
How can we increase our computing powers?
Can you find a number that will not always end up as 13?  If not, why not?
Let’s write out the equation and solve it!
What is the equation of the line?

--> Key Guiding Question?

  1. How can we always get the same answer no matter what number we start with?
  2. How can understanding equations help us solve this mystery?
  3. How can a spreadsheet be used to solve equations?
  4. How can we use the graph or the equation of the line to predict the result?









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