A CIESE Realtime Data Project
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Sample Comparison Bar Graph comparing the Temperature (C) for two cities

Below is a sample bar graph comparing the temperature (C)  for two cities (in this case, one of the 'cities' is the temperature measured with the class instruments and the other is for Hoboken, NJ). In order to graph the data, you first need to enter the data into a spreadsheet. Note: you will get the actual numbers from the Weather Learning Log immediately after you complete your investigation. Here's an example of spreadsheet data.

Spreadsheet Data: Two cities

Once you've entered the data, you need to highlight the data and have your spreadsheet program make a graph for you. This command will vary from program to program so make sure to review the instructions in your program. The spreadsheet program will then create a graph for you with the Temperature (C) on one side and , the y-axis, and the two cities on the other, the x-axis (Class Instruments and Hoboken, NJ in the example). Also, in this graph make sure to pick appropriate scale for both the y-axis. You can also change the colors of the two bars for the cities and widen them as in the example below:

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