A CIESE Primary Source and
Archived Collections Project

Part 1:  Primary and Secondary Sources

  1. Look at the list below. 

    Diary or Journal Encyclopedia
    Audio or Visual Recording Biography
    Letter Newspaper Article
    Photograph Movie or Book Review
    Trancript of interview or speech Public television documentary
    Map Essay
    College Diploma Social Studies Textbook
    Census Records  
    Birth Certificate  
    First-hand newspaper account  


  2. With your classmates, consider the following questions:
    • What do the items in each list have in common?
    • What is the difference between the two lists?
    • What kinds of information do primary sources provide?
    • What are the benefits of both primary and secondary resources?
    • What are the challenges of using both primary and secondary resources?
    • Which type of resource do you use most often?  Why?
    • Can you think of other resources to add to the list?

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