A CIESE Realtime Data Project

Handout #1: What's your problem?

Handout #1: What's your problem?


Read the story below or the one on the project web site. As you read try and identify the problems which need to be solved and how you would go about solving them. When you are done complete the last section on Problem Statements.

You have just had a big fight with your brother and without thinking you've decided to run away from home. You quickly run out the door with your dearest possessions (including your laptop computer, cell phone ) and hitchhike to the nearest seaport just as a large ship is about to depart for a faraway port. You sneak on board and dive into a barrel of bananas where you stay hidden for several days.

Tired of your banana diet, you slowly emerge from your barrel to survey your surroundings. Cautiously looking over the edge of the vessel, you can see nothing but ocean on all sides. Immediately, you begin to miss mom and dad and start to get worried that you may never see them again! You decide that you want to get back home as quickly as possible without alerting the ship's crew to your presence. You know only the ship's name but you hope that with a little luck you will be able to find your way back home.

In order to get back, without having to let anyone else know you've sneaked on board, you will need to figure out a few things about your whereabouts, your destination and when you will arrive in port. Thankfully, you've got your laptop computer, cellular phone and modem with you. Hooking up to the Internet in a concealed corner of the boat, you get to work.

Problem Statement:

For your problem statement you should record all of the problems you think you need to solve in order to be able to tell your parents where and when to pick you up. After each problem write a few words about how you think you might solve it.