A CIESE Realtime Data Project

Student Publishing Areas

There are motivational benefits of publishing student research on the internet.  When students publish work on the internet, they tend to put more effort and time into the project, producing projects of higher quality than when engaged in traditional assignments.  The following links are to web sites that publish student science investigations, and could serve as a great extension to the Create Your Own Investigation lesson.

  • ScI-Journal
    ScI-Journal features student reports on a huge range of science investigations, practical work and labs.  In these reports you can read what other people have done, how they did it, what results they got, and what they think these results mean.
  • Internet Science & Technology Fair
    An annual competition that:
    • challenges students to use information technology tools to discover and explore the future of science and engineering;
    • provides science, math and computer teachers with a means to integrate the Internet and research methods into their curricula; and
    • offers scientists and engineers working within corporations, federal/state agencies and academic research centers an opportunity to invest their time on-line as technical advisors who become "digital mentors".

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