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Testing Equipment - Air Pollution: What's the Solution?

Testing Equipment

  • Eco Badges
    The Eco Badge is a device to measure ozone in the home or school environment.   With the Eco Badge you'll take two readings: a one-hour peak exposure and an eight-hour average exposure, calibrated in ranges of 10 ppb to 350 ppb. It's compact, easy to use, and requires no special apparatus or chemicals. Refill packs are also available for purchase.
  • Schoenbein Paper
    Schoenbein paper can be made in the classroom, either by students in a laboratory setting, or by a teacher as a demonstration.  The paper measures ozone in the troposphere by changing color when ozone is present.
    ACCESS (A Computerized Community-based Environmental Sampling System), developed by PAX Analytics.  In collaboration with community groups, teachers may use the ACCESS system to complete air monitoring studies in their schools and communities.

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