Activity: Family Fractions

A scene from this summer’s blockbuster movie The Weird Number. The star of the movie is 2/3. Can you find him in the photo on the left? (He's wearing a "disguise".) Watch the entire movie below! It will take a few seconds to load. Click on the Play button to start.)

This movie is in QuickTime format. Download the QuickTime plugin.

For info about ordering a VHS copy of the Weird Number click here.

Classroom Activity

Number of Students: 25 (approx.)
Materials: 25 fraction cards

Fractionville ID Cards

Make a set of 25 cards (3x5) that have the following fractions on them or download
the PDF files, print them out and cut them to size. Students can then color them in.


The Activity

Put them randomly on the students chairs before they arrive in class. After they
come in and find their cards, tell them the following:

Today you are going to be one of the fractions that lives in Fractionville. You will
need an ID card which you found on your chair. The ID card has your name
(for example, 3/4) and a picture ID. You belong to a family of 5 equivalent fractions.
Your task is to find your family members and sit down with them. When you are together,
the godmother or godfather should stand up!

After the students are in their groups and find out who their godmother or godfather is, the fractions in lowest terms stands up!

Followup activities

  • For a dynamic version of the "cards" click here. Watch what happens when you click on the fraction names or their ID pictures.

  • Fractionville USA

 Let me know if you have any problems. Email me.