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October 2000
The CIESE Online Projects page has been recognized as a Blue Web'n Hot Site of the week! Inclusion in the Blue Web'n library is an honor reserved for the best online lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, and tools. 

August 2000
Many projects produced by CIESE are featured weekly on the Education World website.  Mission Eros | Noon Day Project | Global Water Sampling Project | Down the Drain | Boiling Point | Sun Times

July 2000
I'm adding your page to the 5th ed of my book, which will be out in Oct 2000 if all goes well. Only the top sites make it into this book as I am very picky! I don't know if you do awards or not, but you get the " Net-mom Approved " slice o' pie.

July 2000
Congratulations!  The CIESE website has been added to the National Science Teachers Association's Recommended Websites Page. 

July 2000
CIESE was recently added to an educational search engine known as Schoolzone . "Congratulations! Your site,  CIESE Curriculum Home Page has been highly rated by Schoolzone's panel of 400 expert teachers.   This is in recognition of the fact that it is a good educational site: useful for teaching and learning and easy to navigate." *searchable database

April 2000
CIESE was recently featured in Education World magazine.  The article calls CIESE "a pioneer in the use of the Internet in math and science education..." 

February 2000
CIESE was recently added to Classroom Connect's Connected teacher Bookmark It! Educators' Top Picks .  CIESE was ranked among the top 96 educator's websites. *registration required
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